“Years ago, the Lord gave me a vision about an end times army, who are filled with the Holy Spirit and have given way, with reckless abandon to the way of the Lord. The generations were being healed, redeemed and delivered from oppression; set free by the glory of God, as this chosen generation marched forth.

If we are to be equally yoked to our dear brides groom, Jesus, we must be prepared, equipped and joined together! ‘Let the body of Christ be joined together—- let them be equipped and ready for my commands!’ I heard the Lord say! ‘May their lamps be filled with oil and ready for the trumpets call.’

As the vision unfolded, I saw apostolic hubs emerging throughout the earth. They would become beacons of hope for those who were hungry for the Lord; people were coming to get healed/restored, be trained up, and launched into their kingdom purpose and destiny. 

The time is now! Do not delay it any further! We are being called together, to be the hands and feet of the Lord and walk in signs, wonders, and miracles. We are called to know our adversary and wield weapons of spiritual warfare. We are called to be equipped in hearing and knowing the voice of our Shepherd and obeying His voice.

Join the global movement of sons and daughters of the Most High, coming together to be a unified bride for our Lord Jesus! Come get trained up, built up, and launched out! 

If you feel called to The Lord’s Tribe, we welcome you! We are here to support and uplift you into the purposes and plans God has for your life! We want to see these apostolic hubs come alive in homes, churches, and ministries throughout the globe. By joining, you will have access to weekly trainings with: additional elective support groups, mentorships, and sponsorship options to start a ‘The Lord’s Tribe’ community wherever you are—-whether in your home for your friends & family, for your church, or other mission/ministry.

Whatever your gifts, calling or destiny purpose, we are here to grow and support you, teach you, and help you find confidence in your God given identity! You’ve found your tribe!”

-Charity Hope