Meet Charity Hope

(Apostolic Leader of “The Lord’s Tribe”)

“What an honor it is to be called in such a way and for such a time as this! I truly look forward to getting to know you and to support you as you grow into your God given identity!

I have been carrying this vision from the Lord for quite some time; through years of equipping and training by the Word of God, Holy Spirit, and Ministry Experience. I am very excited to be at the start of the journey to set in place the first “The Lord’s Tribe” local hub—-in Oak Harbor, WA. I look forward to seeing many locations across the globe, as this grows!

I know there are many out there who have been in the cave season of preparation and are ready for the fresh wind of God to move upon the coals and ignite revival in the earth! I am here to ignite the torch of courage and boldness in you and help you launch into your purpose! I’m so ready to see the glory of God manifested for this hour and chosen generation! Come join The Lord’s Tribe! You belong!”

Charity Hope Ministry


  • One on One Mentorship & Coaching
  • Leadership Equipping
  • Breakthrough Sessions
  • Conquering Limiting Beliefs
  • Kingdom Building Strategy Sessions
  • Dismantling Limiting Belief Systems

  • Individual Ministry Sessions
  • Deep Inner Healing & Deliverance
  • Healing Ministry (Mental, Physical, Spiritual)

  • Trauma/PTSD/C-PTSD Coaching & Ministry
  • Specialized for those who have suffered from abuse—-such as: religious, spiritual, spousal, familial, sexual, physical, emotional, mental, etc.

  • Personalized Coaching For Complex Family Dynamics
  • Coaching for Families & Marriages
  • Communication Coaching
  • Understanding Bonding Dynamics
  • Learning the Language of Honor, Love & Respect
  • Breaking Unhealthy Beliefs & Cycles
  • Fair Fighting Strategies
  • Raising up Son’s & Daughters-Parental Coaching

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